Helping the helpers, manage PTSI, anxiety, depression, substance misuse and more

The Stable Grounds Inc. was founded to assist in improving the emotional and mental well-being through comprehensive therapy programs. We are a facility that provides professional care and support exclusively for military, first responders, uniformed professionals and now executives (separate week) who suffer from post-traumatic stress injury, anxiety, depression, and often much more.

If you wish, you can watch a 9-part psychoeducational mini-series on trauma psychology recorded by Dr. Frewen at The Stable Grounds below.

Who We Are

The Stable Grounds Inc. is a privately owned and operated therapy centre that provides day and residential treatment programs for First Responders/PSP's/Military/Veterans and now Executives (separate week).  We believe that our comprehensive treatments and ongoing emotional support can help improve recovery times and rates.

Our facility is situated in a farm setting and is surrounded by a rural landscape. Because of this, our guests are able to enjoy the great outdoors while on the road to recovery.

Our Vision

At The Stable Grounds Inc., we look at the whole you. We understand that we are all unique human beings made up of a multitude of histories and experiences.

When we consider the best treatment for our guests, we take a holistic approach and look at the importance of nurturing your mind, strengthening your body, and reinforcing your soul. We also recognize the emotional distress that families of those with PTSI experience and help them address this.

What We Believe In

  • Earning our guests trust is mandatory
  • A healthy relationship is nourished between the guest and their healthcare team
  • Respecting our clients needs and helping them adjust to their treatment schedule