Help Us Offer Therapy and Support

Help Us Offer Therapy and Support

The Stable Grounds offers a wide variety of treatment options for public safety officers  who are suffering from post-traumatic stress injury. We are always striving to improve our facilities and operations to serve our current and potential clients better. You can contribute to our good cause by donating.

Different Ways to Donate to Our Cause

  • Making Us a Beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy
  • Sponsoring a Guestroom
  • Being Respectful to Our Guests’ Organizing a Retirement Party to Collect Donations for Our Causeeeds Helps Them Adjust to Their Treatment Better
  • Sponsoring a Seed for Gardening
  • Sponsoring the Enrolment of a First Responder
  • Sponsoring a Horse for Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Our Current Donors

The Stable Grounds want to express our sincere appreciation for the people who have lent their time and finances to support what we do. We would like to give thanks to the following:

Support What We Do

Are you interested in setting up a one-time donation or monthly donations? Reach out to us for more details on how you can help us continue to serve.